Our Story
Our family's passion for coffee began more than a century ago when our ancestors José María and Ramón Gaviña left their homeland in the Basque region of Spain for the fertile coffee-growing regions of southern Cuba. It was there, just south of Tope de Collantes in the central Cuban province of Las Villas, that the brothers planted the hillsides with coffee seedlings; and they called their farm, Hacienda Buenos Aires.

Hacienda Buenos Aires produced more than just a reputation for the finest coffee in the land – Don Francisco Gaviña was also born and raised on the family farm. As a boy, he watched his father train the farm workers on how to fertilize the soil, nurture the seedlings, tend the trees and make sure that only the ripest coffee cherries were handpicked for maximum flavor. As a young man, he learned how to properly process, dry, and sort beans, and roast them to bring out their full flavor and aroma.

In 1962, Don Francisco Gaviña moved to the United States. His wife and children joined him shortly after in 1963, first in Miami then Los Angeles. Together, they began roasting, packaging and distributing top quality beans. The family business and reputation for quality coffees continued to grow and Gaviña Gourmet Coffees gained a national reputation.

In 1984 we created the distinctive Don Francisco’s Coffee brand. We named it after our beloved family patriarch, Don Francisco Gaviña. Since then, we've taken great pride in sharing these flavorful and aromatic whole bean and ground varieties with you and your family. Over the years, Don Francisco’s Coffee label became the leading retail brand in Southern California, and it's now among the top 10 coffee brands in the U.S.

Today, the third and fourth generations work side-by-side, to translate our rich family heritage and passion into bringing you a uniquely pleasurable and satisfying specialty coffee experience. We know you have many coffee choices when you visit your local grocer. We thank you for choosing our family's coffees.