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Frequently Asked Questions

How many mg. of caffeine is in a cup of coffee?
A 6 oz. cup of regular coffee contains anywhere from 72-110 mg. of caffeine. This all depends on the amount of water used to brew the coffee, the grind of the coffee, and how long the coffee was brewed for.

Are your coffees Kosher?
Yes! Our coffees are under strict rabbinical supervision and certified Kosher and Pareve by the Kosher Supervision of America(KSA).

How should I store my coffee?
We recommend you store your coffee in an airtight container at room temperature if used within one week of being opened. If taking longer to use the coffee, you may store in your freezer also in an air tight container. If left for too long, the coffee loses its flavor but does not do you harm.

How do you Decaffeinate your coffees?
Don Francisco's coffee uses the Methylene Chloride decaffeination process.