Kona Blend 12 oz.
Kona Blend 12 oz. Kona Blend 12 oz.

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A taste of the Hawaiian Islands- 10% Kona coffee blended with premium Arabica beans, an excellent cup of coffee with a delicate floral aroma and subtle fruity notes.

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KON Kona Blend 12 oz.
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KON2 Kona Blend 2 lbs.
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KON5 Kona Blend 5 lbs. This product is only available whole bean. Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity
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Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-01-07 21:50:40
Kona Nutty
Posted By: Jon Dizzle
Location: RIVERSIDE, CA United States
Great medium roast with a nutty fresh and not bitter smooth taste. Great price for this Kona Blend.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-01-19 12:13:04
DFKB is da kine
Posted By: johnwwwatson
Location: Costa Mesa, CA United States
Been to Hawai'i had lots of Kona, peaberry dingleberry, as we say in Hawai'i "choke" (means a lot). Stuck on the mainland, looking for some aloha in my grinds, I find DF Kona Blend. Yeah right, everyone puts Kona on the blend to $ell. I give the package a lttle squeeze to get some smell from the vent... hmmm. I pull my Steve Jobs communication device and search for DFKB, and find good reviews. Having to wait until current stock is gone, I prepare for the morning which has arrived and I write to you now with coffee laden lips of satisfaction. I love the taste of expensive Kona, but I don't like giving profit to some bean trader, so when I find a fair price, I love it. This blend is good. I would buy it if I were back on da islands brah. I would relish your imagination with more folklore but my bean juice is getting cold. Aloha
MEDIUM - Medium Roast is the lightest of our offerings, and is roasted to allow the coffee’s spicy flavors and aromas to fully develop.
MEDIUM BOLD - Our Medium Bold Roast coffee is roasted to give the coffee a sweet, smoky taste.
BOLD - Bold Roast is our darkest coffee, and is roasted to let the coffee’s natural sugars to caramelize to deliver smoky, caramely, dark chocolaty flavors.