Vanilla Nut 12 oz.
Vanilla Nut 12 oz. (click for a larger image) Vanilla Nut 12 oz.

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A mellow coffee with a vanilla-nut surprise.

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VAN Vanilla Nut 12 oz.
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VAN12 Vanilla Nut 12 oz. can This product is only available ground. Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity
VAN2 Vanilla Nut 2 lbs.
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VAN5 Vanilla Nut 5 lbs. This product is only available whole bean. Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity
DVN12 Decaf Vanilla Nut 12oz ground   Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity
DVAN2 Decaf Vanilla Nut 2 lbs.
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DVAN5 Decaf Vanilla Nut 5 lbs. This product is only available whole bean. Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity
REVIEWS Review this coffee
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2011-07-17 10:21:56
DF Vanilla Nut coffee
Posted By: PLinam
Location: Stephenville, TX United States
I've been drinking this particular coffee for over 20+ years. I look forward to the delicious taste of the coffee beans and vanilla together. No bitterness or after taste, it's what keeps me getting up in the morning. When I lived in California I had no problem purchasing the product from my local grocery, but since retiring and moving back to my home state of Texas I cannot find it. Solving the problem with my friends sending/mailing me packages was getting to be too much. I'm so glad I found your web site now I can order as much and as often as I need. Love love the coffee. PLinam
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2012-10-09 12:49:54
It smelled sooo good
Posted By: Gregory Roberts
Location: Rancho Cucamonga,, CA United States
First I should say I prefer my coffee unflavored. This smelled so good in the bag though I gave it a shot. The coffee is fine, but the flavor is WAY too strong. I pared it back to using about 2-3 grams of this product mixed with 17 grams of unflavored coffee and got it to be about the right proportion for my taste and enjoy it. I can still taste the vanilla and nut flavors at that ratio and the horrible chemical taste you get with the flavorings is absent. That aftertaste is not specific to this brand. All coffee flavorants I have ever tasted have a horrible chemical aftertaste if they are too strong in the mix. Just my opinion.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-01-16 22:41:07
Excellent Coffee
Posted By: LH
Location: Fort Stockton, TX United States
This is such a smooth, great tasting coffee.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-02-28 13:18:07
Love it,,
Posted By: Dee miller
Location: Wellman, IA United States
I purchased the decaf vanilla nut and it is probably the best coffee I have ever had. I served it to a ladies group and they all loved it
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-06-11 11:00:57
Best ever
Posted By: Carole
Location: Maple Grove, MN United States
Great coffee. So fresh, satisfying. The flavor is great. Same as Jose's from Costco on the West Coast. Can't get that here in Minnesota, so glad I have the choice!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2013-08-17 11:06:22
My Favorite Coffee
Posted By: Annonymous
Location: Reno, NV United States
My husband and I have been drinking this coffee for about 3 years now and absolutely love it! Every pot is perfect, and we look forward to it every morning.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2014-03-01 11:15:08
Love at First Taste
Posted By: Laura
Location: Lancaster, PA United States
I found this coffee at a discount store here in PA. This is not a store that you can count on to have the same products week after week. I gave the vanilla nut a try and have been searching for it ever since. I tried a few local grocery stores but to no avail, I'm going to order online. I have never pursued a coffee before but this one is well worth it! Thanks for a terrific product.
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